CHICAGO — Nearly 2,000 lawsuits alleging injuries by the Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Implant have been waiting in federal court in Illinois as part of the multi-district litigation (MDL). These cases wait despite the MDL settlement BioMet agreed to earlier this year.

In February of this year, Biomet informed the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois it would pay at least $56 million to settle its defective hip cases. The $56 million fund would pay qualified plaintiffs in the MDL. Patients who had a Biomet M2a-38 or M2a-Magnum metal-on-metal hip implant, who later needed revision or replacement surgery to fix or remove the implant, would receive a $200,000 settlement.

Biomet Magnum M2a Hip Implant

Biomet, like its competitor Stryker, is a medical device manufacturer who specialized in hip and knee joint replacement. Its Magnum M2a metal-on-metal hip implants were first released in 1996, and from 1999 to 2009 more than 111,000 of its Magnum M2a line implants were sold. The Magnum line was specifically targeted for active users. These particular metal-on-metal hip implants utilized monoblocks. Monoblock acetabular components were revolutionary at the time because they did not use screws and could be pushed into the hip socket. The porous surface of the implant encouraged birth growth, rather than the use of glue or screws, to hold the implant in place. Furthermore, the Magnum line had a titanium alloy on the outside with a cobalt chromium alloy on the inside. Finally, the device could be customized to the patient’s bone and hip size. All of these factors allowed for the Biomet hip implant to be marketed towards patients who were more active and needed the implant to sustain more wear and tear.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, as the Biomet Magnum M2a hip line caused the same health issues as many other metal-on-metal hip implants. As the metal components of the device rubbed together (an expected motion), metal would be released into the patient’s blood stream and neighboring tissue. This dangerous condition, also known as metallosis, damages the tissue. This results in pain, swelling, difficulty walking, tissue discoloration, tissue death, pseudotumors. Eventually the implant loosens, slips out of place, or completely fails. Because the Magnum M2a line had metal on the inside and outside, excessive metallic debris would flake off the implant. The only solution for patients suffering from this device was to have surgery to fix it.

MDL Settlement

In order to be eligible for the Feb 2014 proposed settlement, the patient would have needed the implant removed by revision surgery more than 180 days after originally receiving the hip implant. However, even if one does not qualify for the settlement, the litigation against Biomet will continue. As the recent court documents stated, almost 2,000 lawsuits are still pending in the Illinois federal court alone.

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