BAKERSFIELD, Cali. — Medical device and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson was ordered by a California jury to pay $5.7 million in damages in one of the company’s first trials over its dangerous transvaginal mesh medical device.

Johnson & Johnson’s unit Ethicon was responsible for the design, manufacturing, and sale of TVT Abbrevo – one of the multiple transvaginal mesh products the company sold. Jurors in a Kern County, California state court found Ethicon was responsible for the product’s defective design and failure to warn of the dangers.

The jury came to its decision in less than 3 days. The plaintiff in this case, Coleen Perry, was awarded $700,000 in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded when a company is believed to have been maliciously or grossly negligent. It is a tool used by juries to punish egregious misconduct by corporations. In this case, the jury found Ethicon’s conduct and decision making with regards to the TVT Abbrevo line of transvaginal mesh amounted to “malice.” As such, the victim was awarded the $5 million in punitive damages.

TVT Abbrevo Line

The TVT Abbrevo line is a newer transvaginal mesh device by Ethicon and the Perry case is the first lawsuit involving this particular transvagial mesh product line. It received approval from the FDA in 2010 and was marketed as a long-term treatment for stress urinary incontinence. Abbrevo used a laser-cut mesh rather than mechanically cut mesh as a cost-cutting measure. This was done despite the fact that a safer, longer-lasting alternative was available.

In 2011 Ms. Perry had surgery to have the Abbrevo transvaginal inserted. Immediately after surgery, she experienced significant pain. It turns out the transvaginal mesh was eroding within her body shortly after being implanted. Since the erosion of the device, Ms. Perry has experienced chronic pain and other symptoms that have the potential to last long after the mesh is removed.

Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal mesh is a synthetic netting that was popular amongst surgeons to repair pelvic organ prolapse and treat urinary incontinence. The mesh was created to shore up the muscles in the pelvic region and prevent the organs fall through (prolapse). However, because the mesh has been found to erode, it causes various health complications. Infection, pain, incontinence, internal bleeding or scarring, and sexual problems are the most common. Organ damage and organ prolapse are the more serious health risks.

The $5.7 million verdict is one of first against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon. Ethicon itself is facing thousands of lawsuits in federal and state court for its faulty transvaginal mesh. Despite the many pending lawsuits, TVT Abbrevo is still on the market.

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