No Longer Accepting Bair Hugger Warming Blanket Cases

Recent reports have suggested that Bair Hugger surgical warming blankets can act as a transport device for dangerous bacteria in the operating room. The warm forced air that is pushed across the body to prevent hypothermia during an operation can transport bacteria from the floor of the operating room into open surgical areas on the patient. This can cause a plethora of medical complications, including severe infections. There have been reports of deep joint infection, soft tissue infection, MRSA infection and sepsis, among other bacterial infections. Because of these claims, our legal team is investigating lawsuits against the manufacturer of the Bair Hugger warming blanket, 3M. Lawsuits are expected to be filed soon. If you have been affected negatively by a Bair Hugger warming blanket, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

Here are five reasons why you should consider filing a Bair Hugger lawsuit against 3M if you have been injured by their medical device.

  1. Growing medical expenses. If you underwent surgery that required a Bair Hugger warming blanket, your medical expenses are most likely already high enough. If you contracted an infection from Bair Hugger, however, your medical expenses could skyrocket due to the cost of infection treatment, extended hospitalization, additional surgeries, and medication expenses. If you are not covered by insurance or have large co-pays, a lawsuit can help you receive compensation to help by your medical bills.
  2. You have missed work due to complications from Bair Hugger. This means you may not be getting paid anymore. Bair Hugger settlements will include payment for lost wages that you did not receive because of your injury. Additionally, settlements can include payment for future wages that may be missed due to time spent away from work recovering. In cases involving death, the surviving family members may be able to assert a claim for their loss of financial support.
  3. You have endured extreme pain or suffering. Bair Hugger complications are dangerous, and can result in immense physical pain, as well as severe emotional and psychological damage. A Bair Hugger lawsuit can compensate you for your pain and suffering.
  4. It is a simple process. A common misconception is that drug and device lawsuits are complicated and require a large effort on your part to file. This is simply not true. Call us, tell us your situation, and we will do all the work obtaining medical records, pharmacy records, and filing the lawsuit itself. We handle everything from start to finish for you.
  5. It will cost you nothing. Seriously. There are no legal fees at all to speak with us and file your lawsuit. We will pay for all court costs and expenses for the case. You will only be responsible for attorney fees once you have received your settlement amount. If your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you will owe us nothing.

How Can Our Bair Hugger Attorneys Help?

Our Bair Hugger dangerous device attorneys have been filing and wining lawsuits for our clients for over 50 years.

We combine the experience, skills, and resources needed to ensure you have the best chance of winning a settlement to recover damages caused by a Bair Hugger infection.

Our attorneys handle the following, and more:

  • Pay all case costs and expenses ourselves
  • Get your medical records & pharmacy records
  • Get your medical bills
  • Submit all required claim forms
  • Recommend to you if you should join a class action or file your own case
  • File the lawsuit for you
  • Keep you regularly updated on important events
  • Get you the best possible settlement for your case

Expert legal representation is vital for the welfare of your case. If you believe you have a case, contact an attorney today, here.