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What Problems are Linked to the Use of Farxiga?

Farxiga is a drug used to help manage and regulate type 2 diabetes. Recently, there have been several studies pointing to complications that may be caused by this medication. Some of the complications include: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) Diabetic coma Kidney failure Heart attack If you have experienced any of these complications as a result of […]

What is the Best Law Firm for Farxiga Lawsuits?

As Farxiga claims continue to be investigated throughout the United States, many patients want to know which law firm gives them the best chance at receiving a proper settlement for their injuries. In order to take on large pharmaceutical companies who have high powered attorneys on their side, you need a law firm that will […]

Can I Get a Farxiga Settlement?

The answer to this question is “most likely.” Recent studies have indicated that there may be a link between Farxiga and serious medical conditions. One of these complications is diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). This can occur when the body of a diabetic person breaks down too many fat cells to use as energy. When the body […]

Are There Deadlines to File Farxiga Lawsuits?

Yes. There are strict deadlines to file Farxiga lawsuits. These deadlines are known as the “statute of limitations” and vary from state to state throughout the United States. Our State Lawsuits for Injury Cases page has an interactive map that allows you to click on your state and see the specific time deadline for filing […]

How Much Are Farxiga Settlements?

Settlements in Farxiga litigation have not yet been determined. It is nearly impossible to predict how much settlement amounts for these lawsuits will be. If you have been harmed by Farxiga and believe you have a case against the drug manufacturer, it is important to contact an attorney right away. Our Farxiga lawsuit lawyers are […]

Can I Sue for Complications from Farxiga?

You or a loved one are eligible to file a Farxiga lawsuit if you have suffered one or more of the following: Kidney failure Diabetic Ketoacidosis Heart Attack Stroke Death Dehydration requiring hospitalization Bone fracture Our No Fee Promise on Farxiga Lawsuits You can afford to have our great team of Farxiga lawyers on your […]