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Who Is The Best Lawyer For A Prilosec Lawsuit?

Over the last three decades, pharmaceutical companies have grown at an unparalleled rate. This growth has allowed these companies to yield influence unlike any other industry, which at times has resulted in consumers being exposed to dangerous products incorrectly marketed as “wonder drugs.” However, pharmaceutical companies have not been able to do this without facing […]

How Can I Get A Prilosec Kidney Damage Settlement?

Acquiring a Prilosec kidney damage settlement first requires the filing of a Prilosec dangerous drug lawsuit. Once a Prilosec lawsuit is successfully filed, a plaintiff will be eligible to field settlement offers and be awarded settlements through court verdicts. However, while filing a lawsuit quickly is important to ensure you retain your eligibility to acquire […]

Can I File A Prilosec Kidney Damage Lawsuit?

For over a decade, Prilosec was the number one proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to combat heart burn/acid reflux. However, since the 2001 release of Nexium, Prilosec has faced a significant decrease in sales. While sales have decreased in wake of Nexium gaining immense market popularity, Prilosec has still effected millions of consumers and in turn […]