Dr. Scott Augustine, who invented the forced air warming (FAW) blanket in 1991, said he is “not proud” of his creation and that “3M should take this product off the market. In the meantime,” he adds, “I am on a mission to tell the world about this problem.”

Several years after he sold the Bair Hugger system, Dr. Augustine discovered that the product causes “horrendous complications.” In fact, he says that 12 percent of victims say they prefer death to the pain of a post-surgical infection. Dr. Augustine was quick to add the he always intended the FAW blanket for non-orthopedic procedures, like colon, gallbladder, and breast surgeries. But, he says, when the product is used in orthopedic procedures, many patients develop bacterial infections that leave them “permanently disabled.”

There are currently nearly 200 product lawsuits pending against 3M, and they have all been consolidated in a Minnesota multi-district litigation action.

Bair Hugger Warming Blanket

Hospitals, day surgery centers, and other such facilities are intentionally kept cold, partially to keep staff more alert and partially to help create a sanitary and anti-bacterial environment. So, in addition to helping speed the recovery process, a warm blanket is a welcome comfort for many patients, especially those recovering from recent surgery.

To keep it at an elevated temperature, the Bair Hugger warming blanket is hooked to a device that sucks air from near the floor and heats it. The problem is that the air near the floor is not nearly as sterile as the air around the surgical wound, and as the air temperature increases, the bacteria can multiply. And, it only takes one microscopic cell to cause a staph infection or another serious condition.

If the infection is serious enough, the patient never fully recovers. So, victims and their families are often entitled to significant compensation.

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