NEWARK, N.J. — Dozens of lawsuits filed against the blood-pressure medication manufacturer Daiichi-Sankyo have already been consolidated in New Jersey.

Now, according to the judge presiding over these lawsuits, the first ones are set to be heard starting in the fall of next year.

These initial trials have the potential to set the precedent for the plaintiffs in other Benicar litigation as well as for other patients who have been injured as the result of being prescribed and taking Benicar and who are currently deciding whether or not to join the mounting litigation.

Status of the Rest of the Benicar Litigation

The consolidated lawsuits represent only a small fraction of the actual number of Benicar lawsuits that are currently pending, with the real figure over 1100.

While 1100 cases is already a daunting number, the lawsuits are expected to continue to rise dramatically over the next couple of months, especially since the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a health warning about Benicar, also known as olmesartan, and required that the popular blood pressure drug’s label be updated back in 2013.

The FDA warning referenced previous studies and concluded that Benicar, and other blood pressure drugs similar to it, can cause sprue-like enteropathy.

Sprue-like enteropathy is an intestinal condition that can be very painful and can cause chronic diarrhea. As a result of having sprue-like enteropathy, patients can also experience severe weight loss and malnutrition.

In some cases, sprue-like enteropathy can be so serious that patients can die from it. One of the reasons that Benicar lawsuits have been increasing so much in recent months is because the symptoms of sprue-like enteropathy are very similar to the symptoms of celiac disease.

Since the conditions are so similar, many patients had accidentally been misdiagnosed as having celiac disease and are only now making the connection between their intestinal condition and their Benicar use.

Claims Brought in Benicar Lawsuits

The initial New Jersey Benicar lawsuits were consolidated after the judge ruled that the lawsuits in question were sufficiently similar because the plaintiffs were suing the same defendant,

Daiichi-Sankyo, and because the plaintiffs were alleging similar injuries. The majority of the lawsuits allege that the plaintiffs have developed sprue-like enteropathy or other intestinal conditions as a result of taking Benicar, and some of the lawsuits also allege that the blood pressure medication caused cardiac, kidney and liver complications and also angioedema and arthritis.

The lawsuits also allege that the defendant knew or should have known about these serious potential side effects but failed to warn the patients about these risks.

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