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Dangerous Side Effects of Zostavax – Shingles Virus Complications

Zostavax is a vaccine that is used to prevent the shingles virus in patients who are 50 years and older. It is manufactured by Merck, a subsidiary of Bayer. For years patients have been reporting adverse side effects linked to Zostavax, including the very condition it is meant to prevent — shingles. Lawsuits allege that […]

Top Zostavax Lawsuit Lawyer – Shingles Case Attorney

Zostavax is a shingles vaccine manufactured by Merck that has been reported to cause the very virus it is supposed to prevent. Many patients have contracted shingles after receiving the vaccine, which in some cases, can lead to chronic complications. Serious side effects associated with Zostavax include: Shingles Chickenpox Vision Loss Hearing Loss Brain Damage […]