Routinely among one of the most popular breast cancer chemotherapy drugs until the expiration of its patent, Taxotere (docetaxel) was approved by the FDA in 1996, but medical professionals now claim the drug was not adequately tested.

The outrage over the testing of Sanofi-Aventis’ cancer fighting drug is based on the findings of several studies that have shown that not only is Taxotere no more effective than comparable drugs, but unlike other drugs from its class, consumers are exposed to a heightened risk of permanent alopecia (hair loss).

Additionally, studies have discovered the following health complications as directly related to Taxotere use, many of them undisclosed at market introduction:

  • Bone, muscle or joint pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Fluid retention with weight gain, swelling of the ankles or abdominal area
  • Infection
  • Low red blood cell count (anemia)
  • Low white blood cell count
  • Mouth or throat sores
  • Nail changes (color changes to your fingernails or toenails)
  • Nausea
  • Peripheral neuropathy (numbness in your fingers and toes)
  • Taste changes

What Is The Relationship Between Taxotere Use and Alopecia?

For over a decade after market introduction, Sanofi-Aventis marketed Taxotere as a clearly superior drug to all other options when used to combat breast cancer.

They validated their claim as they genetically modified the base component of the drug to be more “lethal” than all other drugs of the taxane family.

While studies have since indicated that this modification does not offer an improved ability to defeat cancer than other taxanes, they have shown that the modification often leads to consumers developing permanent alopecia.

Unlike the typical dangerous drug side effect where a major health complication may only effect a minute fraction of consumers, some studies have yielded results suggesting alopecia may be present in as many as 10-15% of consumers.

The aforementioned study defines “permanent” alopecia as the condition lasting more than 3.5 years after taking the drug.

While alopecia was not present on warning labels in the United States until 2016, the warning was present within the European Union as early as 2005.

This extreme time-frame discrepancy would indicate for near certainty that U.S. officials and Sanofi-Aventis were aware of the substantial likelihood that alopecia was a prominent health risk for Taxotere users.

In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was fully aware of the fact that Taxotere was in no way superior to its competition by 2009 at the latest.

Much of the available evidence and test results that indicated this lack of superiority also identified an alopecia risk.

An abundance of evidence and acknowledgement from other agencies would indicate a strong likelihood for the alopecia risk to have been known by Sanofi-Aventis but simply nut disclosed to the American consumer.

Are Taxotere Alopecia Complications Dangerous To Consumers?

While alopecia is not considered a physically life threatening condition, it has been known to have major effects on its victims emotional states.

Many women who suffer from alopecia must face an extremely difficult psychological adjustment that can negatively effect their quality of life in a substantial way.

This psychological fear is so great, that nearly 8% of women refuse to embark on chemotherapy treatment for fear of hair loss.

The additional information that sufferers could have avoided their complication had they been informed of the necessary drug information can lead to even more psychological harm to the women affected.

No known cure or 100% effective treatment method has been developed to combat alopecia. With no medical path to repair the damage alopecia causes available, the psychological struggle can be lifelong after taking Taxotere.

Will The FDA Issue A Drug Recall For Taxotere?

While the FDA has issued demands to Sanofi-Aventis regarding a required label change to all Taxotere packaging as well as a warning to halt deceptive marketing tactics, there has yet to be an official drug recall.

As of June 2016, a recall does not seem imminent, especially as the use of Taxotere decreases due to the expiration of its patent.

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