Xarelto is frequently prescribed to individuals who suffer from atrial fibrillation in order to reduce the risk of stroke by thinning the blood and preventing clotting, however, recent findings have suggested that the drug may actually lead to increased risk of stroke in certain patients. Xarelto works by reducing the generation of a necessary protein required for blood to aggregate at an injury site. This reduces the risk of an ischemic stroke, or a stroke caused by an obstruction within a blood vessel.

However, while Xarelto works to prevent ischemic stroke, another type of stroke can be caused by Xarelto. A hemorrhagic stroke can occur when blood vessels in the brain weaken and rupture, causing blood to spill in the space between the brain and the skull. This deprives the brain of oxygen and causes a stroke. The use of this drug has been shown to perpetuate the chance of hemorrhagic stroke occurrence in some individuals.

Xarelto Lawsuits

Xarelto is popular amongst doctors because it is viewed as more convenient for patients and providers in postoperative treatment to prevent dangerous blood clots. Unlike its anticoagulant competitors, it requires only one dose per day, no blood monitoring, and no dietary changes. However, as thefirst lawsuits were filed this past year, and the recent health studies illustrate, Xarelto puts patients at risk of the very dangerous it is meant to prevent (blood clots) in addition to other adverse health effects such as uncontrollable internal bleeding, liver failure, and death.

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