BOSTON — Boston Scientific, one of the major makers of the defective medical device tranvaginal mesh, is close to buying out another transvaginal mesh maker.

Boston Scientific is on the verge of closing a deal with Endo International in order to buy Endo’s medical device North American unit, American Medical Systems. American Medical Systems and Boston Scientific are both makers of transvaginal mesh and are both facing thousands of lawsuits in federal and state court. Endo has been dealing with American Medical Systems’ liability as a maker, and is more than willing to sell this particular unit to Boston Scientific. Endo looks to make approximately $2 billion in the deal.

Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers

Both companies are major makers of transvaginal mesh, a synthetic surgical netting that is used to treat pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence. The mesh is meant to bolster the weakened muscles in the pelvis so as to prevent the neighboring organs from falling through the uterus. It also is used to treat incontinence and other pelvic issues in women. Unfortunately, the device has been found to do the opposite. Not only are women prone to experiencing pelvic prolapse and incontinence, but the mesh also causes other serious health problems. The mesh has been found to break off into pieces or erode. This results in organs being perforated, internal bleeding and scarring. It also causes serious pain, infection, and sexual problems.

Why is this significant to the average consumer? It has the potential to change which company an injured victim of transvaginal mesh can label as a defendant in litigation. Shortly after acquiring AMS, Endo was responsible for paying out millions in settlements for AMS’ defective mesh product. Depending on the nature of the deal, Boston Scientific may also take on the liabilities that come with purchasing AMS. Thus far, both companies have faced multi-million dollar verdicts.

With Boston Scientific purchasing AMS, arguably the potential for a settlement increases, as the company will now be burdened with even more liabilities. However, Boston has not been inclined to reach any settlements and it is one of the companies that has been hit the hardest by transvaginal mesh verdicts.

The Transvaginal Mesh No Fee Promise

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