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Essure Birth Control Complications

Essure, a non-surgical birth control device, is inserted in a woman’s left and right Fallopian tubes where it causes an inflammatory response that permanently blocks the tubes, and renders the patient sterile.

The controversial implant is a nickel-titanium coil that contains polyethylene terephthalate fibers — a plastic not intended for permanent implantation in the human body. Thousands women have reported side effects and are teaming up in an effort to pull Essure off the market.

There is currently a bill in Congress to pull Essure from the market, and the FDA recently required Bayer Heathcare, the coil manufacturer, to add a black-box warning, which is considered the strongest of warnings, to the Essure label. This is in response to over 5,000 complaints that the implant is causing major health problems.

Essure Birth Control & Perforation

While the device’s manufacturer claims Essure is safe and effective, thousands of women have filed complaints citing injuries, such as perforation of the Fallopian tube.

Complaints suggest the metal coils have caused injuries, and in some cases, women have died from complications.

According to complaints, X-rays show the coils perforated the fallopian tubes, and reports describe coils breaking or misfiring in dozens of women. More than 838 reports of these types of adverse events with Essure have been filed with the Food and Drug Administration.

Side effects typically involve pelvic pressure and pain, uterine cramping, and abnormally heavy bleeding. Women have reported aching joints and fatigue, skin rashes, and decreased libido.

Essure Birth Control & Migration

Filter migration is another growing concern linked to Essure birth control. Although rare, Essure birth control implants have migrated from their intended location in some patients.

Consequences of migration can be severe and life threatening. Migration can be outside the uterus and the implant can get lodged in organs or the abdominal wall and cause fibrotic reaction outside the tubes, or the migration can be in the Uterus. Risks are pregnancy along with a tube in utero.

There have been reported cases of the implant puncturing the amniotic sac and causing premature delivery and ultimately death to the baby.

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