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Commonly asked questions about Zimmer knee replacement devices:

What Is Zimmer’s Persona Tibial Plate?

Zimmer’s Persona Tibia includes peg components that are intended to make the bone “grow” into the bone by stabilizing the knee implant. It is attached to the patient’s tibia.

Zimmer suggests that the Persona knee allows for intuitive alignment accuracy, facilitates natural knee motion, reduces the need for surgical compromises and optimizes patient’s personal outcomes. However, it is evidenced that the device has been recalled due to component loosening, and bone fractures. More patients have reportedly gone into surgery to fix the device and take more antibiotics if an infection occured.

What Are Complications Of Zimmer’s Persona Tibial Plate?

Zimmer has consistently maintained that the failure rate is indicative of improper surgical techniques and not because of inherent issues with the design of the product itself. These are some of the complications that Zimmer’s NexGen MIS Tibial Components have:

Zimmer cited an increase in complaints of loosening and radiolucent lines, which can indicate loosening, as the reason for the device recall. Symptoms of loosening include:

  • Knee pain
  • Loss of motion
  • Difficulty ambulating
  • Popping
  • Instability

FDA Issues Warnings Of Zimmer’s Persona Tibial Plate

Zimmer’s Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate was voluntarily recalled by the company on March 12, 2015 citing an increase of complaints in component loosening and radiolucent lines. Radiolucent lines may indicate loosening.

All lots and sizes were included in the recall. More than 11,000 units were recalled worldwide.

If you or a loved on have received a Zimmer Persona knee implant and are experiencing complications, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Settlements in these cases are expected to be substantial.

This is not the first knee replacement product that has been recalled by Zimmer. Although the recall was initiated by the company themselves, you still have legal rights to compensation due to the failure of the device.

What are the Criteria for Filing a Zimmer Knee Replacement Lawsuit?

In order to file a Zimmer knee implant lawsuit, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must have Zimmer Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate knee implant
  • The tibial component is or was loose, or a doctor told the patient that x-ray images indicate that the tibial component may be loose
  • May have had revision surgery or in need of revision surgery
  • Tibial component must NOT be cemented into place. Implant identification can confirm if it was cement was used or not.
  • Must be implanted after November 29, 2012 (date of FDA approval) and before March 12, 2015 (date of recall)

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Can I File A Defective Zimmer Knee Lawsuit?

Our dangerous device attorneys can help if you or someone you care about was harmed by knee replacement surgery. Lawsuits have been filed against the device makers by both patients and their families seeking compensation for injuries caused by the dangerous devices. You may be entitled to a settlement. We do not charge any legal fees unless you receive a settlement and we pay all of the case costs. If your claim is not successful for any reason, you do not owe us anything. We put it all in writing for you. Our defective knee lawyers will help you file your lawsuit.

Our No-Fee Promise on Zimmer Cases

You can afford to have our great team of lawyers on your side. When you choose us, it literally costs nothing to get started. We promise you in writing:

  • No money to get started
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How Do I Start A Knee Replacement Claim?

Our knee replacement lawyers will help you file your lawsuit. To get started, you can:

  1. Submit the Free Case Review Box on this page, or
  2. Call (866) 280-3417 any time of day to tell us about your case.

We will listen to your story and answer your questions. If you have claim, we will start immediately.

WARNING: There are strict time deadlines for filing knee replacement lawsuit claims.

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