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Dangerous Prescription Drugs Drug Lawsuit Source

Prescription Drug Lawsuits: List of Medications For Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

Our dangerous drug lawsuit lawyers are currently handling cases against pharmaceutical companies for the list of medications in the table below.

Click on the drug name below to learn more information about the side effects of the medication, FDA recalls, prescription class action lawsuits, and settlements:

Prescription Drugs & Medications Listed Alphabetically

AciphexProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
ActosPioglitazoneType 2 DiabetesBladder Cancer
AndrodermTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
AndrogelTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
AxironTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
AveloxFluoroquinoloneBacterial InfectionPeripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Damage
BenicarOlmesartan MedoxomilHigh Blood PressureSprue-like Enteropathy, Chronic Diarrhea
Bio-T-GelTestosteroneMale GrowthHeart Attack, Stroke
ByettaExenatideType 2 DiabetesPancreatic Cancer, Pancreatitis
Melanoma Skin Cancer
CiproFluoroquinoloneUrinary Tract InfectionsAortic Aneurysms
DelatestrylTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
Depo-TestosteroneTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
DexilantProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
ElmironPentosanInterstitial CystitisMaculopathy, Vision Loss
ExjadeDeferasiroxChronic Iron OverloadGastrointestinal Problems
FactiveFluoroquinoloneBacterial InfectionPeripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Damage
FarxigaSGLT2 InhibitorType 2 DiabetesKidney Failure, Diabetic Ketoacidosis
FortestaTestosteroneMale GrowthHeart Attack, Stroke
FloxinFluoroquinoloneBacterial InfectionPeripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Damage
FosamaxBisphosphonate Osteoporosis, Bone ComplicationsFemur Fractures, Jaw Injuries
GlyxambiSGLT2 InhibitorType 2 DiabetesKidney Failure, Diabetic Ketoacidosis
InvegaPaliperidoneMental/Mood DisordersGynecomastia
InvokanaInvokametType 2 DiabetesAmputation, Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Januvia (Janumeet)SitagliptinType 2 DiabetesPancreatic Cancer, Pancreatitis
JardianceSGLT2 InhibitorType 2 DiabetesKidney Failure, Diabetic Ketoacidosis
KapidexProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
LipitorAtorvastatinHigh CholesterolType 2 Diabetes, Muscle Disease
LevaquinFluoroquinoloneBacterial InfectionsPeripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Damage
LyricaPregabalinSeizures, Fibromyalgia, Generalized Anxiety DisorderBirth Defects
MultaqDronedaroneIrregular Heart RhythmHeart Failure, Liver Failure
NexiumProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
NoroxinFluoroquinoloneBacterial InfectionPeripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Damage
OmontysPeginesatideAnemiaSevere Allergic Reaction, Anaphylactic Shock
OnfiClobazamStevens Johnson SyndromeSkin Reactions
OnglyzaSaxagliptinType 2 DiabetesHeart Attack, Heart Failure, Pancreatic Cancer
OxyContin, Hydrocodone, MethadoneOpioidsNarcotic PainkillersOverdose, Opioid-Related Deaths
PradaxaBlood Thinner (Dabigatran)Prevents Strokes & Blood ClotsExcessive Bleeding
PrevacidProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
PrilosecProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
ProtonixProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
StriantTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
Talcum PowderMagnesium SilicateAbsorb Moisture, Reduce FrictionOvarian Cancer
TaxotereDocetaxelChemotherapyPermanent Hair Loss (Alopecia)
TaytullaEthinylestradiol, norethisterone acetateBirth ControlUnintended Pregnancy
TestimTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
TestopelTestosteroneLow TestosteroneHeart Attack, Stroke
TruvadaEmtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarateHIVKidney Disease, Bone Injuries
UloricFebuxostatGoutHeart Attack, Heart Disease, Stroke
ValsartanDiovanHeart Disease Liver Cancer
ViagraSildenafilErectile DysfunctionMelanoma Skin Cancer
VictozaLiraglutideDiabetesPancreatic Cancer, Thyroid Tumors
Xigduo XRSGLT2 InhibitorType 2 DiabetesKidney Failure, Diabetic Ketoacidosis
ZegeridProton Pump InhibitorAcid RefluxKidney Disease
ZithromaxAzithromycinBacterial InfectionArrhythmia, Torsades de Pointes
ZofranOndansetronNauseaBirth Defects, Cleft Palate
ZostavaxZoster vaccineShinglesShingles, chickenpox

What Is A Dangerous Drug Lawsuit?

A “dangerous drug lawsuit” is phrase referring to cases filed in court against pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers for harm caused by prescription medications.

These cases can be filed as an individual case for one person, but are often filed as class action lawsuits for a large group of people.A person injured by a medication can join the class action lawsuit and make a claim for a settlement.

What Are The Legal Requirements For Suing A Pharmaceutical Company?

Most lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies allege that a person was injured or suffered serious harm from an undisclosed side effect of a prescription medication.

The laws in the United States require that the drug companies disclose all serious complications of a medicine and warn consumers about the potential risks and side-effects of a drug.

People harmed by drugs may have the legal right to a settlement against the drug maker.

In other cases, a pharmaceutical company may promote a drug for an “off label” use. This means that the drug is used for a main purpose but may also have some incidental benefits. However, those other benefits may pose serious medical risks to the consumer.

Failing to warn doctors and the public of these risks may also be the basis for suing a drug manufacturer.

What Is Needed To Prove A Case Against A Drug Company?

In order to win compensation and receive a settlement against a drug company, the consumer must generally prove that:

1. The medication was taken during a specific period of time. Medical records and pharmacy records are often used to prove this requirement.

2. The person suffered the “signature injury,” or type of complication that is asserted in the lawsuit. Again, medical records are used to prove the type of injury or harm.

3. The person suffered damages as a result of the harm caused by the dangerous drug. Damages can include pain and suffering, disability, lost wages, and medical expenses. In cases involving death, damages can be awarded under the wrongful death laws.

How Much Are The Settlements In Drug Lawsuit Cases?

The settlement amount for each person participating in a class action drug lawsuit depends on a number of factors.

The factors include the type of harm suffered, the degree in which the person has matched the case criteria, the number of people in the lawsuit, and the total amount of the settlement.

Many lawsuits have classifications and systems for grading the factors for each lawsuit participant and then assigning a dollar settlement amount based upon those various factors.

The amount that an individual plaintiff will receive is not determined until after the pharmaceutical company has agreed to pay a specific total settlement amount.

How Much Does It Cost To File A Pharmaceutical Company Lawsuit?

It will cost you no money to get started on your case. Our attorneys do not charge any legal fees to file your drug lawsuit or add your claim to an existing class action lawsuit.

You will not be charged any legal fees unless you receive a settlement and our fees will be deducted from your settlement amount.

We will also pay all of your case costs and expenses. If your claim is unsuccessful for any reason, you owe us nothing.

How Do I Start My Dangerous Drug Lawsuit Claim?

You can call our pharmaceutical injury lawyers now at (866) 280-3417 to speak to our case specialists and tell us more about your case. You can also submit the Case Review form on this page.

We will listen to your story and determine if you are eligible to file a dangerous drug claim or participate in a class action lawsuit.

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