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FDA Restricts Sale and Distribution of Essure Birth Control Device

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an order to restrict the sale and distribution of the controversial birth control device Essure, beginning on April 9. Essure is a non-invasive permanent birth control procedure involving the insertion of two small nickel-titanium coils placed inside the fallopian tubes to spur the growth of scar […]

Bayer Ends Sales of Essure Birth Control Device Outside of U.S.

Bayer, the pharmaceutical company, will discontinue the marketing and sales of the controversial birth control device Essure in all countries outside of the United States, the company announced Monday. Multiple reports have linked the Essure implants to health problems, including chronic pain and bleeding, but Bayer said it’s pulling the device from non-U.S. markets for […]

Judge Outlines Next Steps for Essure Cases

A California judge has laid out the next steps for coordinating dozens of lawsuits filed against the pharmaceutical company Bayer by hundreds of women who say they were harmed by its sterilization implant Essure. Judge Winifred Smith of Alameda County issued the case management order Dec. 21, 2016, according to Modern Healthcare. The order designates […]

Missouri Essure Injury Lawsuits Allowed To Move Forward

ST. LOUIS — A Missouri federal judge recently ruled against Bayer Corp.’s motion to dismiss its Essure lawsuit and ruled in favor of dozens of women who allege serious and permanent injuries from the controversial birth control device.

Report: State Judge Grants Essure Case Coordination in California

LOS ANGELES — A California state judge has reportedly passed a motion to coordinate 55 cases filed against Bayer by women who claim Essure, the manufacturer’s permanent birth control device, caused them harm. Modern Healthcare first reported the motion Oct. 3. The mechanism of civil case coordination allows two or more cases that “share common questions of […]