EssureRecent years of U.S. Food and Drug Administration communications and independent study publications has resulted in the discovery that in rare cases, migration or perforation could result in the wrongful death of a consumer implanted with an Essure device.

In the event that an Essure implant results in the death of a family member, the surviving members of the estate are eligible to pursue legal action on the deceased’s behalf.

The estate will pursue a wrongful death lawsuit which will follow the same criteria and requirements for all standard dangerous device lawsuits, but will seek compensation for the wrongful death of the loved on in question.

In the event that you believe a loved one suffered a wrongful death due to an Essure device failure, you should contact an Essure attorney to pursue justice against Bayer AG. This lawsuit will be handled primarily by your representation to give the estate the ability to focus on their family and recovery during their difficult time.

Have Any Essure Deaths Been Reported?

While Bayer AG has refuted the idea that Essure may cause death in consumers if the device experiences failure, the FDA and independent news sources have reported on Essure related deaths.

According to ABC news, they were able to discover five deaths that were related to the implantation of an Essure device. These cases typically encompass the perforation of an organ by the Essure device that often leads to internal bleeding or other irreparable damage leading to death.

However, according to FDA records there have been 6 deaths related to Essure use, including four adults and two infants. Additionally, these deaths do not include the large number of reported pregnancy losses.

With Essure deaths now being widely reported by credible sources, estates of victims who suffered from Essure complications prior to their deaths should begin investigating the possibility that their loved ones death may be related to an Essure implantation.

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