EssureWhen first introduced to the market in 2002 after gaining FDA approval, Essure was touted as a safe method of birth control for those pursuing a non-invasive implant.

The device worked by being implanted into the Fallopian tubes and subsequently causing an inflammatory response which blocks off the tubes, preventing pregnancy by making the consumer sterile until the device is removed.

However, while the device manufacturer, Bayer AG, continues to stand by the merits of its product, the FDA, news sources, and thousands of consumers are actively disclosing new information to the public regarding the true health risks of Essure.

Consumers have been reporting side effects ranging from pregnancy complications to the need for a hysterectomy caused by their Essure implantation.

What Are Essure Side Effects?

With more information being released daily, the public is finally being informed of the multiple serious side effects that frequently occur because of a faulty Essure device.

Prior to this effort to release information, thousands of consumers were implanted with Essure devices and suffered from severe side effects that significantly altered their lifestyles due to debilitating pain or mental trauma.

These side effects went undiagnosed as Essure related for up to a decade in some cases. With no published warnings, medical professionals never considered that a woman’s Essure implant may be the reason she was suffering from side effects including:

  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Bleeding
  • Perforation of fallopian tubes
  • Miscarriage
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Pain
  • Migration of device outside of Fallopian tubes

Oftentimes, by the time medical professionals finally realized that an Essure implant was the cause of a patients health complication, the patient may have been suffering from major internal pain for years.

While the physical toll on consumers was significant, the mental toll related to some Essure side effects were equally as detrimental.

Pregnancy issues carried extreme mental side effects for patients that were effected. Although marketed as a birth control device, consumers have reported becoming pregnant while still being implanted.

However, these pregnancies often result in miscarriage or other complications due to the Essure implant. These pregnancy complications frequently took major mental health tolls of the consumers and families that were subjected to those events.

Are Migration and Perforation Common Essure Side Effects?

Although there are a great deal of side effects associated with Essure implants, the most commonly reported side effects are device migration and organ perforation.

Device migration occurs when an Essure implant begins moving around the consumers body, away from the original implant site. When migration occurs, the risk for organ perforation or increase inflammation is incredibly high.

At times, the effects of migration or inflammation caused by an Essure device can be so great, that a consumer is forced to undergo a hysterectomy to remove the device and alleviate the pain suffered.

Commonly occurring due to migration, perforation can be deadly to a consumer if left untreated for an extended period of time. Perforation is when an Essure device cuts through or tears an organ or artery around the implant site resulting in internal bleeding or if severe enough, organ failure.

Perforations, while commonly associated with migrations, have been reported to also occur during the implantation process. This type of perforation happens when a medical professional inserts the device too far into a consumers Fallopian tubes.

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