EssureBeing eligible for an Essure migration or perforation settlement requires that a victim first contacts an attorney to begin the process of filing a Essure dangerous device lawsuit.

To maximize your chances of securing a future Essure settlement, you should choose a skilled and respected attorney to serve as your representation.

Oftentimes, a victims attorney serves as the deciding factor as to whether a victim receives a life changing settlement or receives no settlement at all.

Do I Qualify For An Essure Perforation Settlement?

Whether a victim qualifies for an Essure settlement or not depends on the outcome and/or status of the lawsuit that has been filed on their behalf.

A victim who has not had a Essure dangerous drug lawsuit filed on their behalf will not be deemed eligible to field any settlement offers from Bayer AG or be covered by trial verdicts.

When a client pursues legal action against Bayer AG and successfully files an Essure dangerous device lawsuit, they become immediately eligible to receive settlement offers and will be able to claim settlement awards through the results of the following (depending on consolidation status):

  • Class Action Lawsuit Status
  • Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)
  • Bellwether Trials 
  • Dangerous Drug Trial Verdict(s)

Each of these legal possibilities carry their own settlement advantages and disadvantages. It is advised that you consult with your legal representation to decide which legal entity will best serve your interests in pursuing a settlement against Bayer AG.

The most effective way to retain your settlement eligibility is to begin the lawsuit filing process immediately. If your situation missed state deadlines or occurs after various litigation occurrences, you may be unable to receive a future settlement.

How Much Will I Get From An Essure Settlement?

In March 2016, a federal judge ruled that lawsuits against Bayer AG for their handling of Essure would be allowed to proceed despite the devices status as a premarket approved device – a categorization that would typically grant Essure immunity from consumer lawsuits.

The March decision was the first instance of Essure lawsuit approval. The recent nature of Essure lawsuits being approved to advance to trial means that no settlement offers have been publicly fielded and no cases have entered trial.

With no cases entering trial and no settlement offers fielded, it is nearly impossible for legal experts to predict how substantial a possible Essure settlement will be.

However, legal experts are able to predict what the settlements will attempt to provide compensation for, including:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Punitive Damages 

An attorney will work to position your lawsuit in the most effective way to ensure you receive a substantial settlement offer that will allow you to win justice and reclaim former financial stability.

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