Prescription Drug Lawsuit Frequently Asked QuestionsA major complication reportedly linked to Onglyza is heart attacks and other heart-related issues, including heart failure.

Onglyza (saxagliptin) is a type 2 diabetes medication that was approved by the FDA on July 31, 2009. The drug is used to help control blood sugar in type 2 diabetes patients who do not suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis – a condition where the body breaks down fat cells, creating a toxic amount of ketones in the blood stream.

It works to promote healthy blood-sugar levels as well as insulin regulation.

The controversial drug has grown in popularity due to it lacking a common side effect of weight gain that most drugs of this type are associated with. The medication saw sales of nearly $800 million in 2015, and that number is expected to increase each year.

Lawsuits are currently being investigated for patients who have been diagnosed with heart disease, including heart failure, after being prescribed Onglyza.

FDA Onglyza Heart Failure Warning

The FDA issued the following warning to anyone currently taking Onglyza:

Patients taking these medicines should contact their health care professionals right away if they develop signs and symptoms of heart failure such as:

  • Unusual shortness of breath during daily activities
  • Trouble breathing when lying down
  • Tiredness, weakness, or fatigue
  • Weight gain with swelling in the ankles, feet, legs, or stomach

Patients should not stop taking their medicine without first talking to their health care professionals.

Our Onglyza Drug Lawyers Can Help

Our Onglyza heart attack lawyers can help if you or someone you care about has been harmed by this medication.

Lawsuits are being investigated against the device maker by both patients and their families, seeking compensation for their pain and suffering. You may be entitled to a settlement.

We do not charge any legal fees at all to pursue a claim. We will pay all the case costs and litigation expenses. Only after you receive your settlement will you be responsible for payment. If your claim is unsuccessful for any reason, you will owe nothing. We put it all in writing for you.

Our No Fee Promise on Onglyza Cases

You can afford to have our great team of Onglyza lawyers on your side. If you choose us, it literally costs you nothing to get started. We promise you in writing:

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WARNING: There are strict time deadlines for filing Onglyza heart attack lawsuit claims.