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Can I File A Nexium Kidney Complication Lawsuit?

With thousands of consumers potentially being effected by dangerous Nexium kidney complications, there has been a growing desire for consumers to seek justice against drug manufacturer AstraZeneca for their neglectful handling of Nexium. As is true with a majority of dangerous drugs, filing lawsuits has become the most common form of seeking justice against AstraZeneca […]

Can The Use Of Essure Cause Organ Perforation?

When first introduced to the market in 2002 after gaining FDA approval, Essure was touted as a safe method of birth control for those pursuing a non-invasive implant. The device worked by being implanted into the Fallopian tubes and subsequently causing an inflammatory response which blocks off the tubes, preventing pregnancy by making the consumer […]

Can I File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Essure?

Recent years of U.S. Food and Drug Administration communications and independent study publications has resulted in the discovery that in rare cases, migration or perforation could result in the wrongful death of a consumer implanted with an Essure device. In the event that an Essure implant results in the death of a family member, the […]

Who Is The Best Lawyer For An Essure Lawsuit?

Over the last three decades, major pharmaceutical companies have experienced exponential size growth that has resulted in major medical innovations but has also led to thousands of consumers being subjected to major health complications as a result of company neglect. With pharmaceutical companies growing at an exponential rate, they have gained the ability to utilize […]

How Can I Get An Essure Perforation Settlement?

Being eligible for an Essure migration or perforation settlement requires that a victim first contacts an attorney to begin the process of filing a Essure dangerous device lawsuit. To maximize your chances of securing a future Essure settlement, you should choose a skilled and respected attorney to serve as your representation. Oftentimes, a victims attorney serves […]

Can I File An Essure Perforation Lawsuit?

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2002 and marketed by Bayer AG as a safe, non-invasive method of permanent birth control, thousands of implanted Essure consumers were unaware that debilitating health complications were related to the failure of their Essure device. Bayer AG is currently battling allegations that they neglected to properly […]

What Problems Are Caused By Taking Onglyza?

Onglyza is a DPP-4 class inhibitor prescribed to those that suffer from type 2 diabetes. It works to promote healthy blood-sugar levels as well as insulin regulation. It has grown in popularity due to it lacking a common side effect of weight gain that most drugs of this type are associated with. Lawsuits are currently […]

Can I Sue If A Wrongful Death Was Caused By Onglyza?

Our Onglyza lawsuit attorneys are investigating lawsuits for wrongful death cases against the drug manufacturer. FDA reports and independent studies have shown that Onglyza increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer, being the deadliest form of cancer due to its difficulty in early detection is extremely dangerous and can often lead to death. If […]

How Do I Get A Onglyza Pancreatic Cancer Settlement?

Onglyza lawsuits are currently being investigated against AstraZeneca for complications including heightening the risk of pancreatic cancer. Settlements have yet to be determined and most lawsuits are still being investigated, however, those that have suffered due to this drug may be eligible to begin investigating a claim. If you believe that you or a loved one […]

Can I Sue For Onglyza Pancreatic Cancer?

If you or a loved one believes to have suffered a heightened risk of pancreatic cancer due to their prescription to Onglyza, you should contact one of our dangerous drug attorneys today. If it is determined that they suffered as a result of the drug, you may be eligible to sue the drug manufacturer. Several […]