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How Can I Get A Exjade Gastrointestinal Settlement?

Being awarded or offered a settlement to compensate for damages caused by an Exjade prescription requires that a victim first files a dangerous drug lawsuit against drug manufacturer Novartis Pharmaceuticals. The necessary Exjade gastrointestinal lawsuit must be filed by a dangerous drug attorney who is aware of the legal criteria that must be met. Once […]

Can I File A Exjade Gastrointestinal Lawsuit?

In recent years, Exjade has become the subject of controversy as researchers have uncovered multiple serious drug side effects that were not disclosed by drug manufacturer Novartis when the drug was brought to market in 2005. Although consumer lawsuits have only been filed in the last year, a major settlement between the U.S. Federal Government […]

Who Is The Best Lawyer For A Prilosec Lawsuit?

Over the last three decades, pharmaceutical companies have grown at an unparalleled rate. This growth has allowed these companies to yield influence unlike any other industry, which at times has resulted in consumers being exposed to dangerous products incorrectly marketed as “wonder drugs.” However, pharmaceutical companies have not been able to do this without facing […]

How Can I Get A Prilosec Kidney Damage Settlement?

Acquiring a Prilosec kidney damage settlement first requires the filing of a Prilosec dangerous drug lawsuit. Once a Prilosec lawsuit is successfully filed, a plaintiff will be eligible to field settlement offers and be awarded settlements through court verdicts. However, while filing a lawsuit quickly is important to ensure you retain your eligibility to acquire […]

Can I File A Prilosec Kidney Damage Lawsuit?

For over a decade, Prilosec was the number one proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to combat heart burn/acid reflux. However, since the 2001 release of Nexium, Prilosec has faced a significant decrease in sales. While sales have decreased in wake of Nexium gaining immense market popularity, Prilosec has still effected millions of consumers and in turn […]

Can The Use Of Nexium Cause Kidney Damage?

Because of Nexiums status as a top grossing drug that effects millions of consumers per year, it has been the subject of several studies to determine the true extent of its possible health risks. These studies have yielded results that provide consumers with credible evidence to claim that the development of kidney complications could be related to […]

How Can I Get A Nexium Kidney Damage Settlement?

In order to field settlement offers or win settlements through a court ruling, you must file a Nexium dangerous drug lawsuit. To maximize your settlement acquisition chances, you should contact a qualified attorney immediately to begin the pre-filing process and ensure that you meet all necessary state deadlines that can end a case before it […]

Can I File A Nexium Kidney Complication Lawsuit?

With thousands of consumers potentially being effected by dangerous Nexium kidney complications, there has been a growing desire for consumers to seek justice against drug manufacturer AstraZeneca for their neglectful handling of Nexium. As is true with a majority of dangerous drugs, filing lawsuits has become the most common form of seeking justice against AstraZeneca […]

Can The Use Of Essure Cause Organ Perforation?

When first introduced to the market in 2002 after gaining FDA approval, Essure was touted as a safe method of birth control for those pursuing a non-invasive implant. The device worked by being implanted into the Fallopian tubes and subsequently causing an inflammatory response which blocks off the tubes, preventing pregnancy by making the consumer […]

Can I File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Essure?

Recent years of U.S. Food and Drug Administration communications and independent study publications has resulted in the discovery that in rare cases, migration or perforation could result in the wrongful death of a consumer implanted with an Essure device. In the event that an Essure implant results in the death of a family member, the […]