NexiumThe last decade of research and FDA communications have resulted in the public being aware that in rare cases, a consumers Nexium related kidney damage could prove fatal.

If a consumer dies and it is determined that their death was likely caused by Nexium triggered kidney damage, the surviving members of the estate may be eligible to file a lawsuit against AstraZeneca on behalf of the deceased.

A Nexium wrongful death lawsuit follows a nearly identical process as a standard Nexium lawsuit. However, instead of a medical examination being conducted to prove health complications occurred, an examination will attempt to prove that a wrongful death occurred because of Nexium related symptoms.

Legal representation will then work with the surviving estate members to create a case that will best represent the needs of the estate while seeking justice against AstraZeneca.

Have People Died From Using Nexium?

While there are conflicting reports as to whether deaths occurred because of Nexium use or simply occurred during Nexium use, it is increasingly possible that deaths stemming from kidney issues may be due to Nexium use.

The rate or possibility of death is unknown with Nexium, however it is widely accepted that larger doses over extended periods of time expose consumers to larger health risks.

Taking Nexium with other drugs or with pre-existing kidney issues are also factors that may lead to an increased risk of Nexium related death. To determine if your loved one’s death may be associated with Nexium use, you should contact an attorney today to conduct a medical examination immediately.

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