KANSAS CITY, MO — Although Levaquin was given a black box warning in 2008 by the FDA alerting consumers of the major health risks associated with drug use, consumers continue to call for additional measures to protect consumers.

In an interview with Kansas City TV 5, Linda Martin, a past Levaquin user talked of her experience in taking Levaquin three times and the side effects resulting in her becoming an outspoken critic of the drug – spearheading efforts to pressure the FDA for more extreme cautionary measures.

Martin has called for stricter FDA measures due to side effects that have effected thousands of consumers including Chris Butler.

Butler claims that his doctor prescribed him Levaquin three to four times a year to combat sinus infections, even after the black box warning was issued to medical professionals and consumers.

“It makes me angry. It is hard for me to even express just how angry I am. Because I feel doctors, pharmacists, medical practitioners should know about black box warnings on drugs,” said Butler when asked about the situation.

Butler was forced to undergo four tendon tear surgeries while developing neurological disorders, side effects that have been reported at an alarming rate by Levaquin consumers.

However, in similar fashion to the thousands of other who suffered from these complications, Butler was unaware that all these health complications were occurring because of his Levaquin use.

The FDA now warns about peripheral neuropathy and other neurological diseases being a possible complication of Levaquin use. However, the warnings come too late for many consumers like Butler who says, “even to this day I will have shooting pains in my hands and my feet.”

Information and concerns have been expressed to the FDA and the U.S. Senate Health Committee with no response available to report.

Consumers like Butler now aim to spread awareness of fluoroquinolone danger to possible consumers but are adamant that they do not want the drug taken off the market, but rather only prescribed for the severe health concerns it was designed to combat.

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