NEW YORK — In an analysis of a recent study, the World Science Report claims that antibiotics belonging to the fluoroquinolone class of drugs, including Cipro and Levaquin, can have negative consequences on brain function — most notably memory.

Cipro and Levaquin are reportedly so strong that they rid the body of bacteria necessary to promote the growth of new brain cells in the Hippocampus.

If the Hippocampus is unable to create new cells, it will be unable to maintain its function of storing memory. This occurs when fluoroquinolones kill blood cells that act as communication points between the brain, the immune system, and the gut.

When these communication points are blocked, the brain does not produce the necessary cells to maintain proper function.

This theory was tested in mice to determine if it was a real threat to patients being prescribed the drug.

The data following the tests showed that the specimens exposed to the drug had lower levels of the white blood cells needed to maintain memory function.

However, Susanne Asu Wolf, the senior researcher of the study reported that the effects can be reversed, stating: “We found prolonged antibiotic treatment might impact brain function, but probiotics and exercise can balance brain plasticity and should be considered as a real treatment option.”

This newfound side effect adds to the already impressive list of newly discovered complications that includes tendon, muscle, joint, nerve, and central nervous system damage.

The FDA has recently distributed a warning advising medical professionals of the dangerous side-effects the drug class offer and the need to seek alternative treatment options with fluoroquinolones serving only as a last resort.

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