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A Georgia woman has reportedly filed a wrongful death lawsuit related to the use of the Mirena progestin intrauterine device.

Abigail Lane alleged in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Macon in late April that her son was stillborn in 2013 because of the use of the Mirena IUD, according to The Telegraph.

The lawsuit was filed against the device’s manufacturer, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.

According to the court documents, Lane, who received the implant in 2009, claims Bayer failed to warn her about the risk of infection and the possibility of miscarriage.

According to the lawsuit, Bayer intentionally omitted these risks from an informational pamphlet that Lane’s doctor gave her before implanting the device.

The lawsuit further alleges that the device’s strings and T-shaped arms became embedded in Lane’s uterine wall, making it impossible for doctors to remove it safely once she became pregnant.

“This company has not told the truth about problems with their product,” said Francois M. Blaudeau, an attorney representing Lane. “We think the warning labels need to change.”

Bayer said in a statement that it “has strong defenses to this case and is confident that the FDA-approved information and warnings in the Mirena label are accurate and science based.”

Mass Torts Lawsuits

Some people may remember the Ford Pinto imbroglio from the 1970s.

Faced with increasing competition from both Japanese imports and smaller domestic cars, like the AMC Gremlin and Chevrolet Vega, the automaker developed a line of small and cheap vehicles. To increase efficiency, the Pinto’s designers placed the gas tank near the back of the car.

It soon became apparent that putting the gas tank near a crash zone was a major mistake, because the gas tanks could easily explode after certain rear-end collisions. According to some estimates, as many as 900 people burned to death in this fashion. A journalist later claimed to find a “smoking gun” memo, in which company decision-makers were told that it was cheaper to defend liability lawsuits than it was to add an $11 bladder to make the gas tank less prone to explosion.

The episode, while controversial, is an example of some corporate attitudes in these cases. Lee Iacocca, Ford’s chairman at the time, was supposedly fond of saying that “safety doesn’t sell.” Sadly, that attitude is present in many board rooms throughout America.

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