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Another Hip Replacement Lawsuit Filed Against Johnson & Johnson

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Another lawsuit has been filed against Johnson & Johnson over its hip replacement products, adding to thousands of legal proceedings surrounding the devices. The Indiana man filed the lawsuit in Middlesex County Superior Court on Dec. 9, according to That’s four days after a jury in Texas awarded six patients […]

Medicare Alters Payment Plan For Knee, Hip Replacement

WASHINGTON D.C. — In a move that could drastically affect knee and hip replacement costs, the U.S. government will now pay doctors more for doing less. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will shift how it pays hospitals in the United States for major leg procedures on April 1. Medicare is reportedly rolling […]

DePuy Admits It Sold Wrongly-Sized Hip Implant Devices

LONDON — The large manufacturer dismissed the errant sizing in its hip replacements as meaningless, but prominent doctors disagree. Court documents state that the manufacturer measured parts for its Pinnacle devices while they were hot; the components shrank when they cooled to room temperature. DePuy acknowledged the difference, but insisted that the 32 micron variance […]