BOISE, Idaho — A judge in Boise Idaho will reportedly allow claims of failure-to-warn against Essure birth control to continue, according to Harris Martin Publishing.

Plaintiffs will also be allowed to re-lease their claim, alleging Bayer of failing to adequately train healthcare professionals in the use of hysteroscopic equipment, noting that such a claim may not be preempted if the equipment is not federally regulated.

Judge B. Lynn Winmill issued the ruling Aug. 30.

The plaintiff, Susan Richardson, was implanted with an Essure birth control device on Dec. 27, 2011.

According to a lawsuit filed, Richardson discovered she was pregnant with twins, roughly a year later.

According to Harris Martin, Richardson and her husband sued Bayer, asserting state claims based on the allegedly negligent and defective manner in which the product was “manufactured, designed, formulated, tested, packaged, labeled, produced, created, made, constructed, assembled, marketed, advertised, distributed and sold.”

Winmill reportedly found the failure-to-warn claims were not preempted.

In those claims, the plaintiffs noted that both the FDA and the Department of Health cited Bayer for “failing to report and actively concealing perforations which occurred as a result of Essure; erroneously using non-conforming material in the manufacturing of Essure; failing to use pre-sterile and post-sterile cages; manufacturing Essure at an unlicensed facility; and manufacturing Essure for three years without a license to do so.” according to Harris Martin.

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