A national media outlet claims that New Jersey-based device maker C.R. Bard knew of problems with its IVC filter as early as 2005, but consciously decided to keep selling the defective implants and place patients at risk.

According to an NBC News report, company executives first learned about the G2’s defects in an internal memo that was written only four months after the Food and Drug Administration approved the device. A private study confirmed what the memo said, and the study’s author begged C.R. Bard to take additional action. Dr. William Kuo, the head of Stanford Health Care’s IVC Filter Clinic who has removed over 1,000 migrated IVC implants in the last ten years, added that it is “obvious that [the IVC filter] was never safe to be implanted.” In a statement, the company acknowledged that “all medical devices carry some level of risk.” Nevertheless, C.R. Bard “believe[s] in the safety and efficacy of these devices when used as instructed.”

To date, the IVC filter has been linked to 27 deaths and thousands of serious injuries.

Defective Medical Devices

If you or a loved one was injured or killed due to the side-effects of an IVC filter, hip implant, Infuse bone graft, or other device, there are several possible theories of recovery to pursue in court.

  • Breach of Warranty: If the seller knows that a purchased good is intended for a particular use, there is an implied warranty that the product is fit for that use. The IVC filter is prone to migration, and as it is already placed near the heart, almost any shift can be fatal.
  • Product Defect: Manufacturers are strictly liable for damages if the products they sell suffer from a design or manufacturing flaw.
  • Negligence: As may have been the case with the IVC filter, manufacturers often put profits before people and sell devices they know to be unsafe.

Due to the blatant misconduct that is typical in these cases, damages are often substantial.

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