WASHINGTON D.C. — In the face of thousands of transvaginal mesh lawsuits, medical device manufacturing giant Johnson & Johnson has agreed to settle another batch of lawsuits.

J&J recently agreed to settle 100 lawsuits regarding their transvaginal mesh product Mentor ObTape Transobturator Sling. While the company has not released the exact amount of the settlement, a trust fund has been established to distribute the funds to the select number of victims. Unsurprisingly, despite the agreement to settle and the discontinuation of the device in 2006, Johnson & Johnson still maintains the device is perfectly safe.

Dangers of Transvaginal Mesh

The claim that it is safe is completely contrary to the facts and over 70,000 lawsuits currently sitting in federal and state courts. Transvaginal mesh (or sling) is a synthetic netting used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress incontinence. Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where the muscles in the pelvic region weaken to the point they are unable to hold the neighboring organs in place. Eventually, the organs fall through into the vagina. The mesh is meant to bolster the muscles and hold everything in place.

This has proven not to be the case and instead the mesh has been found to cause serious health complications. In addition to causing pelvic organ prolapse, transvaginal mesh is known to break off or disintegrate. The pieces travel through the body and perforate neighboring organs. Organ perforation, infection, and internal scarring are but a few of the health complications caused by transvaginal mesh. The only solution is to have additional surgery to remove the mesh. It has also been known to cause serious pain, urinary problems, and sexual dysfunction.

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