Benicar, whose active ingredient is named “olmesartan,” is a popular drug used to treat high blood pressure, which is a common illness among Americans. In 2012, doctors in the United States wrote at least 1.9 million prescriptions for Benicar and similar drugs that contain olmesartan, such as Azor and Tribenzor.

Problems with Benicar

Research has linked Benicar with a severe and disabling illness called “sprue-like enteropathy,” which causes uncontrollable diarrhea and weight loss. The number of lawsuits related to injuries that Benicar allegedly has caused is increasing, including a wrongful death case filed in the summer of 2014. In the wrongful death lawsuit, the deceased man’s widow has alleged that Benicar’s manufacturers, Forest Laboratories Inc. and Daiichi Sankyo U.S. Inc., failed to warn healthcare providers and patients of Benicar’s risk of sprue-like enteropathy, despite knowing about the risk for more than a year.

In July 2013, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required the manufacturers of Benicar—and its generic equivalents containing olmesartan—to include a warning on the drugs’ labels that the medications can cause sprue-like enteropathy, severe diarrhea, and weight loss as side-effects. However, the deceased man in the wrongful death case died just a few months before the Benicar label was updated.

Sprue-like enteropathy may be difficult to diagnose and treat for at least two reasons. First, months, or even years, can pass before the patient experiences symptoms. Second, doctors sometimes misdiagnose sprue-like enteropathy as celiac disease.

Given the FDA’s delay in requiring the manufacturers of Benicar and similar drugs to warn of gastrointestinal side-effects of those drugs, along with the difficulties and delays associated with diagnosing sprue-like enteropathy, we can expect an increase in the number of lawsuits related to these drugs. Indeed, some experts predict that a flood of lawsuits over Benicar and other drugs based on olmesartan may hit the courts.

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