Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company, is facing thousands of lawsuits alleging that Lipitor has caused serious side-effects to its users.  Lipitor is used to lower blood pressure, but studies have demonstrated harmful complications associated with the drug.  These include Type 2 Diabetes, muscle disease, kidney disease, and live disease.

Research has shown that Lipitor can cause Type 2 Diabetes or increase the risk of diabetes in patients already susceptible to the condition.  The drug affects the body’s ability to produce insulin by lowering the levels of protein in the system.  The resulting Type 2 Diabetes has lifelong consequences on the user.

Lipitor lawsuits alleged that the drug company failed to provide adequate warning about the risk of serious medical complications, like Type 2 Diabetes, to the public.  Consumers must be properly warned and advised of these conditions by companies so both they and their doctors are aware of the serious consequences of using blood pressure medications.

How To Get A Lipitor Settlement

If you or someone you care about took Lipitor and was later diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or some other medical problem, you are most likely eligible for a settlement.  Due to the pressures facing Pfizer from the pending dangerous drug lawsuits, it appears that the company may consider paying substantial settlements to consumers.  Settlements will include compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other damages.

To get your settlement, you should contact our experienced dangerous drug attorneys as soon as possible to start your claim.  There will be strict deadlines for filing claims for settlements and the failure to act quickly may bar you from receiving a share of the money allotted by the company for Lipitor settlements.

No Legal Fees To Start Your Lipitor Settlement Claim

There are no legal fees whatsoever to start your claim for a Lipitor settlement.   We charge no money to start your claim and there are no legal fees until you receive your settlement.  If you claim is unsuccessful for any reason at all, you owe us nothing.  We put that in writing for you.

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