NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Drug regulators in the United States are investigating whether a defective blood clotting test altered results of a trial involving Xarelto, one of Bayer’s best selling pharmaceutical products.

The primary concern is whether Bayer (European manufacturer of Xarelto) and Johnson & Johnson (U.S. manufacturer of Xarelto) exaggerated it’s claims and benefits for stabilizing heartbeats. Currently, Xarelto is being used to prevent strokes in elderly patients with irregular heartbeats.

In the original trial, a particular device known as the INRatio may have possibly skewed the results of a drug testing comparison of Xarelto and Warfarin. The use of this device may have created the appearance that the drug responded superiorly to other tested drugs as a result of a faulty device used in the trial.

Over 2,000 lawsuits have been filed throughout the United States, alleging some fatalities and other injuries, including uncontrollable bleeding from patients prescribed Xarelto.

While this new investigation remains ongoing, it is critical that you speak with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney if you believe that you or a loved one was injured by the ingestion of Xarelto. In fact, many of the symptoms that result from the ingestion of a harmful pharmaceutical drug may take weeks if not months to materialize.

Upon discovering any adverse new condition, seek medical assistance promptly in order to obtain the correct diagnosis. Claims against pharmaceutical companies can be expensive and time-consuming. Selecting an attorney that is knowledgeable in lawsuits against major pharmaceutical companies is critical to prevailing on a claim.

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Our dangerous drug lawsuit attorneys can help if you or someone you care about was harmed by the prescription or ingestion of Xarelto. Lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer by both patients and their families seeking compensation for injuries caused by the dangerous drug. You may be entitled to a settlement.

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