A Nova Scotia man says he believes he’s facing debilitating pain because of a hernia repair mesh that’s under a recall by Health Canada, according to the CBC.

Eric Hagen, 86, said the pain at his surgery site became unbearable when it flared up again early last week.

There are many brands of surgical meshes that can be implanted along or inside the abdominal wall to help strengthen the repair, and prevent a recurrence, which is a common issue with hernia repairs.

Hagen said he received the Ethicon Physiomesh as part of a hernia repair in 2012. The material was inserted into his abdomen as part of the surgery.

Hagen said his repair gave him no trouble until one morning this March while he was chatting with a neighbor in his driveway, when the pain suddenly hit him and sent him to his knees.

Physiomesh was introduced in 2010 by Ethicon, a manufacturer of surgical supplies owned by Johnson & Johnson. The coated polypropylene mesh was designed to be inserted laparoscopically into the abdomen, and reinforce the site of a hernia repair.

The company voluntarily withdrew Physiomesh from the market in May 2016.

It wasn’t the first time the company chose to pull its surgical mesh products. In 2012, it recalled surgical mesh implants used to treat women’s pelvic organ problems following injury claims and lawsuits.

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