Plaintiffs attorneys suing over the breast cancer drug Taxotere want a federal judge to sanction defendant Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC for filing a motion filled with “unfounded accusations” that are “indecent and vexatious” in an attempt to get information on outside funding for the litigation, according to the National Law Journal.

The pushback comes amid a growing number of requests for transparency in third-party financing of mass tort litigation. Similar requests have been made in cases involving blood thinner Xarelto and Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder.

Sanofi is the defendant in more than 1,000 cases pending in New Orleans that claim Taxotere caused women to suffer permanent hair loss, or alopecia areata. The suits were filed after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a labeling change in 2015 to warn of the side effect.

In a motion filed in April, Sanofi attorneys asked a federal judge to probe into who was financing the litigation.

The motion cited a local rule in the Northern District of California that requires disclosure of third-party funders. But that rule pertains to proposed class actions, not personal injury cases, plaintiffs attorneys wrote in their response.

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