Transitioning from a prescription to over-the-counter (OTC) drug in 2003, Prilosec (Omeprazole) quickly became and remains to be one of the best selling OTC drugs on the market with annual sales nearing $360 million in the United States.

The drug which was designed to treat the symptoms of acid reflux disease is exceptionally similar to Nexium, another proton pump inhibitor drug made by AstraZeneca. Regarding the two drugs, their only active ingredients are identical with many sources claiming that Nexium was developed to allow AstraZeneca to retain a patented acid reflux drug.

In being nearly identical, the two drugs share many of the same major side effects, including kidney complications and dementia, others include:

Headache Nausea
Diarrhea Abdominal Pain
Fatigue Dizziness
Dry Mouth Constipation
Flatulence Decreased Appetite

Are Prilosec Lawsuits Being Awarded Settlements?

In light of recent medical discoveries pertaining to side effects related to Prilosec and Nexium use, AstraZeneca has been named in several lawsuits ranging from allegations of promoting an unsafe drug to engaging in deceptive marketing.

Although most – if not all – of the major lawsuits cite Nexium as the drug in question, the status of Prilosec as the direct precursor to Nexium with a nearly identical composition means that many claims against Nexium are also relevant to Prilosec. This is especially relevant in those who were prescribed Nexium instead of an identical generic or for those who transitioned from Prilosec to Nexium in the early 2000’s.

The major lawsuit naming one of AstraZeneca’s PPI drugs came in 2011 and claimed that although Nexium caused bone damage, AstraZeneca was neglectful in failing to adequately warn consumers. These lawsuits grew to such a number that a federal judicial panel moved to consolidate the cases under multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Although the claims were able to reach consolidation stages, the MDL was soon closed after Judge Dale S. Fischer ruled that, because the plaintiffs were unable to provide sufficient evidence that Nexium and bone damage constitute a causative relationship, that the suits against AstraZeneca would be dropped.

However, AstraZenenca was later on the losing end of lawsuits when in 2013 they settled a deceptive marketing lawsuit for $20 million. The settled lawsuit claimed, that although AstraZeneca advertised Nexium as superior to Prilosec, the two PPIs were identical in effectiveness.

In 2015 AstraZeneca was faced with another wave of lawsuits over their handling of Nexium. This lawsuit claimed that AstraZeneca had engaged in an illegal kickback scheme with generics manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, to delay their introduction of a generic Nexium. Same as in 2013, AstraZeneca chose to settle the lawsuit rather than engaging in a trial, paying $7.9 million to do so.

With the major AstraZeneca PPI cases coming in the form of Nexium cases, no Prilosec lawsuits have yet to win settlements through trial or company offer. However, no Nexium lawsuits have yet to receive a settlement offer either.

Settlements may not be active, but with the rate of case filing and public awareness increasing rapidly over the last five years, the potential for future settlement offers is also growing.

Because most cases are still in early stages of the legal process and have yet to consolidate or go to trial, it is difficult to offer an accurate potential timeline for settlement offers or estimates for settlement amounts.

Potential settlement figures may not be known, but it is likely that any future settlement will seek to provide compensation for the following damages:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Wrongful Death 

How Can I Get A Prilosec Kidney Complication Settlement?

As of August 2016, AstraZeneca has not issued a settlement offer to Prilosec or any other PPI plaintiffs.

While it is unknown when settlement offers will begin to be fielded, it is recommended that victims begin their own legal process as promptly as possible to maximize their ability to take part in future offers.

The most important step in beginning your legal process is securing representation that has the experience, skill, and resources necessary to effectively combat AstraZeneca.

If a victim is deemed qualified to file a lawsuit and subsequently does so, they may be eligible to field future settlement offers issued by Astrazeneca – depending on their consolidation status.

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