BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Abilify users in the Birmingham area are investigating whether to file possible lawsuits against drug manufacturer, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, to recover damages caused by the development of severe compulsive behaviors, according to WBRC-TV.

Local attorneys reportedly used lottery tickets to illustrate the severity of the gambling developed as a result of taking Ability. Patients suffering from the side effect purchased boxes of lottery tickets and had only done so after the use of Abilify.

“When a client takes their social security disability check or their paycheck on Friday and they spend the entire paycheck at a convenience store in a matter of 30 minutes, that is compulsive behavior,” attorney Ernest Cory with Cory Watson Attorney told WBRC.

While the FDA has issued a safety communication warning of the potential side effects, many  prescribes had already developed the behaviors and incurred severe damages prior to receiving the warning. The communication warns users of compulsive behaviors, including gambling as well as overspending, overeating, and hypersexuality.

While these side effects were not present on U.S. labels, they were present on warning labels in Europe.

In acknowledging the side effect in Europe, it can be claimed that Ostuka Pharmaceutical knew about but did not adequately warn U.S consumers of the dangerous side effects.

“Otsuka preyed on the most vulnerable people in our society,” Cory said. “People who had a mental condition that they actually tried to get help for and instead of getting help they were made worse.”

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