According to the Better Business Bureau, telephone scammers are taking advantage of medical device victims and the plethora of existing lawsuits by convincing the innocent consumers they are in fact legitimate lawyers.

With the increasing number of medical devices that have been found to be dangerous or defective, more and more lawsuits are being pursued. Thousands of lawsuits sit in federal and state court against device makers like Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and others for medical device products like transvaginal mesh, morcellators, hip replacement parts, and IUDs.

Unfortunately, many patients do not realize these implanted medical devices are often causing their injuries. This in part is due to poor information sharing by health care providers. In fact, many patients think their injuries are unique to their experience – not a problem thousands of others are facing. To bring about awareness and ensure patients understand not only the dangers of various medical devices, but also of the existence of successful lawsuits fighting against the device makers, law firms place ads online, in newspapers, and on the television. Anyone who has sat through commercials has seen such ads that describe the medical device and the possible symptoms a victim might be facing.

While the lawyers, the law firms, the lawsuits, and the ads themselves are legitimate, scammers are not. Because these ads are so widespread, they provide basic information that anyone can take advantage.

Steps of the Scam

First the scammers get a hold of lists (presumably from hospitals, insurance companies, or the device makers) that detail the name and numbers of people have taken part in the medical procedures involving well known defective devices. The scammers then call the patients claiming to be part of a class action suit that has money waiting for the victim as part of a larger settlement against the medical device. They provide the basic medical information one sees in the commercials in an effort to appear legitimate. In order to get a hold of a piece of the settlement, the victim would first have to pay the scammer a fee on a prepaid debit, Moneypak, or Green Dot car.

Of course, this is a lie. The scammers are not part of a law firm or a larger class action suit looking to help injured consumers. Instead, they have swindled money from vulnerable populations. Unfortunately, as the Better Business Bureau detailed, there is no way to trace the money or get back the money.

This is why it is so important to contact an experienced attorney if you are interested in pursuing legal action or to see if you qualify for a class action settlement fund against a particular medical device.

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