KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Stryker recently announced it will pay $1.4 billion or more to consumers who were harmed by the Stryker Rejuvnate and Stryker ABG II hip implants.

Rejuvenate was approved by the FDA in 2007 and ABG II was approved by the FDA in 2009.  Beginning in 2010, more than 20,000 are believed to have received Stryker’s hip implants, many of whom have suffered from these extremely painful symptoms.

The devices had two parts made from chromium-cobalt, titanium, or ceramic that were within each other so the surgeon could customize the implant based on the patient’s body size.

Unfortunately, this design made the implant more susceptible to metallosis or metal debris being released into the body as the components interact. The metallic debris caused damage to the neighboring muscle and tissue including necrosis, metal poisoning (metallosis), and the need for more surgery.

Other symptoms include excruciating pain, swelling, organ damage, bone deterioration, and catastrophic hip failure. Essentially, the very issues the product is supposed to prevent. Not only do the victims suffer but they must then endure additional surgery to either fix the implant or minimize the long-term damages.

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