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Stryker Spine Plate Nerve Damage Lawsuits

In April 2013, Stryker issued an Urgent Medical Device Recall of its OASYS Midline Occipital Plate product line, citing a potentially hazardous defect. According to reports, these devices contain a pin that connects the tulip head to the body of the plate, and this pin was fracturing post-operatively in some patients. Fracture of this pin […]

Join Stryker Spine Plate Class Action Lawsuit

Stryker spine plate lawsuits are being filed throughout the United States due to serious complications that have surfaced. These spinal plates are small medical devices that are used in spinal fusion procedures; they work to help stabilize the area where the occipital bone and vertebrae meet in the cervical spine. Unfortunately, Strykers spine plates have […]

Stryker Spine Plate Settlement Amounts, Compensation and Payouts

Stryker’s OASYS spine plate product line are medical devices that are used in cervical spinal fusion procedures. The spine plates are meant to be permanently implanted into the spine of patients. These devices hit the market in April 2010 and have been used for patients who require stabilization where the occipital bone and the vertebrae […]