PORTLAND — A Cochrane Review study covering the prescription of Benicar and similar drugs to combat strokes, heart attacks and kidney damage has published results that indicate the drugs may be over-prescribed.

Oregon Live reports that the standard for drug eligible consumers of systolic between 140 and 159, and diastolic between 90 and 99 should be adjusted as drug users in those ranges are frequently exposed to risks that outweigh the drug benefits.

In a JAMA column, Dr. Iona Health of the United Kingdom claims that the standard for drug prescription should be raised to 160 and 100 respectively. She claims that the existence of the current standards only serves to provide pharmaceutical companies with an additional 13 million customers, who otherwise may not need to expose themselves to the health risks drugs like Benicar are associated with.

While Health’s claims have found support from the likes of health journalists, other medical professionals are calling for data before they are willing to come to any conclusions.

The true side effects of popular drugs like Benicar are currently unknown but many claim that the development of cancer may be a prominent health complication. The possibility of such a complication has drawn a great deal of concern from Benicar users and medical professionals.

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