EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Faced with over 46,000 lawsuits stemming from defective transvaginal mesh implants, Ireland-based Endo International PLC announced it has officially shut down its production facility in Minnesota.

This move has come on the heels of the company’s failure to identify a buyer for that division.

The decision to close its doors on March 31 comes a couple months after the Food and Drug Administration extended preliminary approval to the Topas surgical mesh — a move which some observers believed would revive the company’s sagging financial fortunes. In fact, prospective buyers had inquired about Astoria Women’s Health in Eden Prairie, but Endo has already established a $1.4 billion settlement fund and that amount is expected to grow significantly, as the company is still actively resolving liability lawsuits.

Astoria Women’s Health, based on Eden Prairie, Minn., employed about 130 people at its headquarters and 200 in the United States. The company cited “the continuing legal disruptions associated with the vaginal mesh business” in its decision.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

About 135,000 such lawsuits are pending worldwide over the devices that were once considered a godsend to women suffering from mild disorders like stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The dense, netted fabric is designed to lift internal organs if the pelvic muscles have been strained by childbirth or some other similar event.

The Food and Drug Administration fast-tracked approval of the device because it was deemed substantially similar to ones already on the market. But according to the agency, the mesh often deteriorates and is absorbed into the skin, causing extreme pain, especially during sexual intercourse and when walking. Later, as symptoms progress, many victims also develop serious urinary tract infections and organ damage, because of the foreign materials inside their bodies.

Revision surgery often becomes necessary. The procedure is painful and complicated; one victim compared it to removing bubble gum from matted hair.

Victims in these cases are often entitled to substantial punitive damages, because Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers were aware of the risks but kept selling the meshes anyway.

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