BOSTON — American Medical Systems (AMS), one of the manufacturers of the dangerous medical device transvaginal mesh, is projected to agree to more settlements in 2015.

AMS Settlement History

In 2013, AMS estimated that it would be held liable for $159.8 million. Since then, the company has agreed to settle multiple cases. In June of that same year, the company settled its first series of cases for a total of $54.4 million. This was followed up in May 2014 with an additional settlement of $830 million for approximately 20,000 cases. Endo International, AMS’ manufacturer, has now agreed to pay almost $1.3 billion to substantially settle most of its U.S. AMS suits over the failed mesh products, Perigee, Apogee, and Elevate. Endo Chief Executive Officer Rajiv De Silva said, “We believe these settlements will allow the AMS business to continue its return to growth and enhance focus on operations and profitability.”

Unfortunately, while such settlement amounts may seem substantial, they actually do not amount to much when divided up amongst all the cases. On average the settlements brought only $40,000 each to the thousands of women injured by transvaginal mesh. Furthermore, the settlements are hobbled by certain requirements. For example, in cases where a firm is representing multiple claimants, the majority of those victims have to agree to the settlement. If not, AMS reserves the right to terminate the settlement agreement with the entire firm and all of its clients.

Transvaginal Mesh Complications

Transvaginal mesh is a synthetic surgical netting that is used to strengthen the weakened muscles in the pelvic region. The goal is to prevent pelvic organ prolapse – a condition where the muscles becomes so weak that the organs fall through the pelvic cavity and into the vagina. This is a condition that is common in women who have had a hysterectomy, experienced menopause, or had multiple births. Mild prolapse does not have many symptoms, but typically one feels pain, discomfort, urinary incontinence, difficulty going to the bathroom, and problems having sex.

Makers such as AMS created and promoted transvaginal mesh as the go-to surgical solution to this problem. Unfortunately, as thousands of women have since found out, transvaingal mesh not only can cause pelvic organ prolapse, but it creates a number of other health issues. In addition to causing chronic, pain, and stress incontinence, the device causes sexual dysfunction and can result in recurrent pelvic organ prolapse, the very problem it is meant to solve. Even worse is the problem of the mesh migrating or breaking off into pieces. This results in organ perforation, internal bleeding, and infection.

There are thousands of cases still pending against AMS and Endo. AMS’ history of pursuing settlements gives hope that injured women may receive some form of compensation for their injuries.

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