Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry filled with trendy diets, quick fixes and bogus weight loss claims.  And, nowadays, people will pay big bucks in an attempt to uncover the secret to shedding pounds.

Yet, all the low-carb diets and self-help books don’t seem to be translating into successful weight loss for the general public. And exercise, alone, likely won’t shed that unwanted fat.

So what’s the magic formula to trimming fat?

Simple. It’s a combination of exercise vs. diet, and calories in vs. calories out.

A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that simply keeping a diary of food intake doubled total weight loss during a five-month study.

In other words, people are more likely to eat less and eat healthier when they monitor their exercise routine and keep track of the number of calories with each meal they prepare.

So before you take a bite of that cream-filled doughnut, ask yourself whether you’d be willing to take a half-hour walk to burn off those calories.

Below is an educational infographic, courtesy of Drug Lawsuit Source, that lists five high-calorie menu items found in five popular restaurant and fast-food chains, including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway and Dominos. Feel free to share this easy-to-read infographic with teachers, students, friends and family members.

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