Patients often call our office to consult with an attorney about the anti nausea pregnancy drug Zofran. Recently, lawsuits have been filed against the makers of Zofran due to birth defects that are believed to be associated with the drug. Reports indicate that some of the side effects include heart murmurs, jaundice, mouth deformations, and kidney defects, among others. Zofran is most often prescribed during the first trimester of pregnancy since this is when morning sickness is most prevalent in most women. Many woman, after hearing of this pending litigation, are concerned about using this drug during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Medical professionals continue to prescribe this drug during the first trimester of pregnancy. Whether or not it is entirely safe to take during this period is still being investigated, however, lawsuits are being filed by people who believe they were harmed by this drug. If you believe you have been harmed by zofran taken during pregnancy, you should consult one of our award winning attorneys. We will have our medical experts look closely at your medical records to determine if there is a link between the use of Zofran and your complications.

Our Zofran Lawyers Can Help

If you or a loved one believes Zofran may have played a part in complications you are experiencing, it is important you contact an attorney right away. An attorney who have experience fighting big pharmaceutical companies can be the difference between you receiving a maximum settlement amount or no settlement at all. We will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means you will not be responsible for any fess at all unless we are able to obtain a settlement or jury verdict for you. There is absolutely nothing to lose so call our award winning lawyers today at (866) 280-4722.