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Can I File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Nexium?

The last decade of research and FDA communications have resulted in the public being aware that in rare cases, a consumers Nexium related kidney damage could prove fatal. If a consumer dies and it is determined that their death was likely caused by Nexium triggered kidney damage, the surviving members of the estate may be eligible to […]

Can The Use Of Nexium Cause Kidney Damage?

Because of Nexiums status as a top grossing drug that effects millions of consumers per year, it has been the subject of several studies to determine the true extent of its possible health risks. These studies have yielded results that provide consumers with credible evidence to claim that the development of kidney complications could be related to […]

How Can I Get A Nexium Kidney Damage Settlement?

In order to field settlement offers or win settlements through a court ruling, you must file a Nexium dangerous drug lawsuit. To maximize your settlement acquisition chances, you should contact a qualified attorney immediately to begin the pre-filing process and ensure that you meet all necessary state deadlines that can end a case before it […]

Can I File A Nexium Kidney Complication Lawsuit?

With thousands of consumers potentially being effected by dangerous Nexium kidney complications, there has been a growing desire for consumers to seek justice against drug manufacturer AstraZeneca for their neglectful handling of Nexium. As is true with a majority of dangerous drugs, filing lawsuits has become the most common form of seeking justice against AstraZeneca […]