WASHINGTON D.C. — Daiichi Sankyo agreed to a $39 million settlement for lawsuits for drugs that the company produces, including high blood pressure drug Benicar, as well as Azor, Welchol and Tribenzor. The settlement will resolve claims brought by the Department of Justice that Daiichi gave kickbacks illegally to physicians in exchange for them prescribing the drugs. The money from the settlement will be split among several different states, and the original whistleblower will also receive a substantial portion of the multi-million dollar settlement as a result of bringing the misconduct to the attention of the Department of Justice.

Although this settlement is good news for all patients who have suffered adverse effects from using Benicar, the settlement does not settle outstanding lawsuits that Benicar patients have filed asserting Benicar-related health complications. Benicar (also known as olmesartan medoxomil) is a drug used to treat high blood pressure in individuals who suffer from hypertension, and about 10 million people are given a Benicar prescription each year. Although the drug was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2002, the drug has since been linked to various serious health risks. Most notably, Benicar users have reported gastrointestinal complications. While many Benicar users may be misdiagnosed with a gluten allergy or gluten intolerance, many actually suffer from sprue-like enteropathy, which can be very serious and painful since it often causes intestinal damage, malnutrition, weight loss, renal failure and chronic diarrhea. As a result of these complications, the FDA added a requirement in 2014 that Benicar labels warn of the potential for gastrointestinal health problems.

There have been several lawsuits filed against Daiichi Sankyo, alleging that the plaintiffs were harmed by the use of Benicar. According to one lawsuit, the use of Benicar has even resulted in death, and according to another, the drug was not tested for a long enough period. Currently, there is a motion waiting to be ruled on that will determine whether 45 of the suits can be consolidated in U.S. Judicial Panel Multidistrict Litigation.

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