PrilosecFor over a decade, Prilosec was the number one proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to combat heart burn/acid reflux. However, since the 2001 release of Nexium, Prilosec has faced a significant decrease in sales.

While sales have decreased in wake of Nexium gaining immense market popularity, Prilosec has still effected millions of consumers and in turn may have exposed them to dangerous kidney complication risks.

With PPI studies being published, consumers are now becoming aware that their previous or current use of Prilosec to combat their heart burn may have been the cause of various degrees of kidney damage. This has led to those who believe they were victims to come forward and pursue legal action against drug manufacturer, AstraZeneca.

How Do I File A Prilosec Kidney Damage Lawsuit?

Prilosec kidney damage lawsuits will follow the same legal process as fellow PPI Nexium. This is due to Prilosec being the defined precursor to Nexium as Nexium was developed to allow AstraZeneca to retain a patented PPI when Prilosec’s patent expired in 2001.

To begin a Prilosec lawsuit, a victim should contact an attorney as soon as possible as any delay could result in missing state deadlines that will deem your situation ineligible for legal action.

An attorney will collect your medical records to allow a team of licensed medical professionals the ability to conduct a medical examination to determine if kidney damage occurred during Nexium use, because of Nexium use, and within the necessary state deadlines.

If a medical examination is able to determine that a situation meets the necessary criteria, an attorney will be able to proceed with the pre-lawsuit filing process.

An appropriate lawyer for this complex lawsuit should shoulder a majority of the burden while pursing a Prilosec kidney damage lawsuit. This means a victim should not be forced to alter their lifestyle in any way while they pursue their lawsuit to seek justice against AstraZeneca.

Are There Deadlines To File Prilosec Lawsuits?

One of the most common problems associated with pursuing a Prilosec lawsuit is experiencing complications from upcoming or passed state deadlines.

Victims of Prilosec health complications often wait to come forward and pursue legal action. While this may seem prudent to gather all the necessary information for a potential lawsuit, this delay may often lead to a victim missing state deadlines that can render them ineligible to pursue any form of legal action against AstraZeneca.

Each state has their own dangerous drug deadlines that must be adhered to. If a victim misses even one state deadline, they will not be allowed to proceed with any legal action. These deadlines are rigid and do not offer any exceptions for dangerous drug victims.

Contacting an attorney immediately is the best way to ensure that your lawsuit will not be defeated by the passing of state deadlines.

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